We currently award the Rock Joseph Achievement Award in conjunction with the NCTUSBC Youth City Tournament and Youth/Adult Tournament. It recognizes the boy and girl in each division that had the single game that was the most over their average during the tournament. The winners each receive a $100 scholaship in their SMART account.

We also award scholarships to youth winners during our annual Rock & Bowl Memorial Tournament every summer.

Rock Joseph Achievement Award Winners

  • Adam D Berry
  • Alec W Stewart
  • Bakari R Guinyard
  • Kristin Hilker
  • Matea K Tirado (repeat winner)
  • Micah M Mccracken
  • Rachel M Garber
  • Tris R Stremmel
  • Caitlyn M Dull
  • Codey Dong
  • Connor Fleming
  • Harley R Hubler
  • Jessie G Sudderth
  • MJ Becker
  • Rosie Baxley (repeat winner)
  • Vincent Pontecorvo
  • Dakota Roberts
  • Lindsay R Paredes
  • Matea K Tirado
  • Rosie Baxley
  • Scott Dillon Braudrick
  • Spencer Rath
  • Zak D Dudley
  • Zander Eades
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